At First-In-Technology, we are experts in
performing module modifications and rework.  
We support all types of printed circuit boards
and technologies.  Rework is performed to
IPC-7711/7721 standards.  Our quality
inspectors verify work performed to
IPC-A-610C.  From Engineering Changes to
component swaps, work is performed
accurately and on-time.  First-In-Technology
is capable of performing rework to ROHS
Lead-Free assemblies also
  • Engineering Changes
  • ECO's
  • Wire Wrapping
  • Conformal Coating
  • Module Configuring
  • Device Programming, Pal,Gal,
    ASIC, Prom
  • Components - Discreet
  • DIP  Dual-In-Line Packages
  • SMT Surface Mount
  • BGA Ball Grid Array
  • TAB Tape Automated Bonding
  • ROHS Lead Free