Contracting Services
“Whatever your cycle, First-In-Technology    
can be your asset for success!
Summary of Services

  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping
  • Test Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • PC Board Design
  • Electronic Rework & Repair
  • Software/Firmware
  • Documentation Control
                   Electronic Design

Experienced, trained, and knowledgeable in
electronic design.  Able to assist  your existing
Engineering department to speed your product to  
market.  Schematic generation using tools such as
Eagle and testing using SPICE when required.  We
can provide services from conception through
prototype in many different fields
               Mechanical Design

Work with your Mechanical Engineers to develop
modern and innovative solutions.  Create drawings in
AutoCAD, TurboCAD, and others.  Collaborate with
machine shops to manufacture parts.  Insure
integration with the rest of your project.

Unlike many contract service providers, we have the
capability to bring most projects from beginning to
end.  From conception, through parts sourcing,
ordering, and first piece construction, we can do it all.
Of course, debugging and troubleshooting if
necessary. Problem solving is our specialt
                Test Development

Creation of effective testing solutions is critical to all
products.  We will design a test platform that verifies
such as Labview and Matlab, verifiable results can be
obtained.  We can provide all the labor and parts to
develop your test platform.
                 Reverse Engineering

Hardware, software, mechanical, or electronic  products.  
We can take a sample and reverse engineer it into
documentation required for duplication or enhancement.  
We use specialized tools and techniques developed
internally after facing decades of challenges.
                    PC Board Design

Using Eagle software, we can design many types of PC
boards.  Whether Through Hole, SMT, or other
technologies, a good quality PC board can be developed
to meet your needs.  We can even obtain prototype and
production boards for your application.
            Electronic Rework & Repair

Troubleshooting, rework, and repair are our core  
competencies that are never a disappointment.  We are
known for our expertise in the most difficult projects.  
Saving many customers over the years, we can provide
unequaled support for all of your rework and repair needs.

Proficient in many languages such as assembly,  C, C++,
Basic, Java, Python, Labview.  We work in many operating
system environments. From concept, through design,
coding, and verification, our capabilities can be your asset
for performance and success.

Complete documentation for any of the above services
can be developed and provided.  Fully ISO Quality